Hands-on with the Nokia N85

Hands-on with the Nokia N85
Today, there was a knock on the door, we rushed to open it and greeted the delivery boy who gave us a nice package. We went back inside and with shaking hands started to boxing it. When we finally took the wraps off and opened it, we found a brand new, shiny Nokia N85.

The device looks good and sleek with glossy body and similar dimension to the N81. However, the N85 is a dual slider, which when pushed downwards, reveals dedicated music controls, similar to the ones in N96 and N95. This is a good feature for a multimedia device and the N-Series stands exactly for that. With that said, the screen is very important. Here, it is 2.6” OLED with QVGA resolution and is capable of displaying 16 million colors. You may be wondering what is different about OLED displays. Basically they are brighter, have wider viewing angle, faster response time and lower power consumption. Ok, we’ve got the picture covered, but what about sound? The N85 has a standard 3.5mm jack, so you can use your favorite headphones without any adapters; furthermore, it has built-in stereo speakers, so you can share your music with the people around you. If you happen to get tired of listening to your tunes, you can turn on the radio. In addition, this is one of the few Nokia devices with an FM transmitter. This means that you can broadcast the music from your phone’s memory via FM frequency to your car’s stereo or another receiver, but keep in mind that it has a very limited range so it won’t be classified as a pirate station. If you are a gamer by heart, you’ll be happy to hear that the N-Gage gaming platform is also present, to keep you occupied on those long bus rides.  Naturally, a multimedia device needs a good camera, so you can capture all of those precious moments. What we have here is a 5-megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics and dual-LED flash. We would have preferred a Xenon one, but we won’t make judgments before testing it.

The multimedia front is covered, but let’s not forget that this  is a Symbian S60 smartphone, so there is a wide variety of third party applications to expand N85’s capabilities. There also are some neat features like Wi-Fi, GPS (both for navigation and geotagging photos) and global 3G with support for AT&T frequencies.
Expect our full review of the Nokia N85, soon!



1. Shan unregistered

This beautiful lookin phone looks like a tech-giant. It promises to be a good bread n butter for NOKIA for an year and so. :-)

2. TrueDis unregistered

I played with this phone at CTIA and the build quality felt very poor (worse than the N82 I used to have). Compared to the N79 that was next to it, the N85 was easily better looking, but it just felt janky. Thoughts?

3. unregistered

the n85 looks solid . i reside in south africa in am wondering wether to wait for it or get an n78 or n82 . any opinions will be appreciated

4. hargs48 unregistered

N85 all the way bro...

10. unregistered

N82 all the way :) unless you want a slider without a xenon flash. ( I personally like how the n82 looks) But the N85 looks pretty awesome too. Ahhhhhh, that oled looks awesome :)

5. unregistered

i wish there were nokia phones that had qwerty keyboards that dont look ugly or big.

6. unregistered

e71 bro

7. unregistered

i love how i state how many defects have been found on this phone TWICE and these * here delete the docs i posted this phone is as lame as this company, ugly and behind in the times.

8. Riachu unregistered

I live in the Netherlands and received my N85 last week. Been waiting for it months and it finally arrived!! I've been using Sony Ericsson phones for the past 3 years (K750, K800, K850) but wanted a change. Had the N85 for a week and so far....... it's great. It takes some time to get used to the 'nokia way' of doing things but generally it's a great device. The camera is ok (not as good as my K850), Wifi is great, applications and software work very quickly (K850 was sooo slow) and the keypad is really user friendly. The only minus point compared of this phone compared to Sony Ericsson is that the Menu's aren't as intuitive in some cases. I just find that SE have simpler ways of doing things; comparing particularly Nokia's 'Gallery' feature button, with SE's 'Media' feature button. HOWEVER, this is a minor minor issue. The N85 is a wicked phone. I'm still finding new features on a daily basis (today I discovered the videocasts feature). My favourite feature of this phone is: * it's size * it's screen * it's battery life * wifi * keypad (is so much more better than K850's) * it's fast * and there are tons of features and even more to download Get it!!!!

13. Ewiess unregistered

Hey, Do the speakers work well? Is it loud I mean? And I also want to ask whether the slider is wobbly or not? Thanks :)

9. unregistered

is the keypad good, it looks flat

12. Riachu unregistered

The keypad is good, but not the best. A fraction bigger would make it perfect. Especially if I'm texting whilst walking. I reckon I just need to get used to it.

11. fugo unregistered

when will I'm able to buy such a thing?

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