Hands-on with Fujitsu's dual-touchscreen device

Hands-on with Fujitsu's dual-touchscreen device
TAT (The Astonishing Tribe) unveiled a dual-screen interface back at the Mobile World Congress in February. Their design, however far-fetched it seemed at the time, is now coming to life via Fujitsu.

The device features two 960 x 480 displays that can be configured either as a tall flip phone, or rotated to be dual landscape screens (think Samsung Alias). The two screens might seem like overkill, but they have great potential for multimedia applications. The configuration would also be useful in the Japanese market, where an entire screen could be devoted to a character keyboard, rather than the phonetic input which they currently employ on most devices.

TAT CEO Charlotta Falvin had this to say: "Enhancing and innovating the user experience is our passion and we have enjoyed working with Fujitsu mobile phone UI engineers on this novel device." The long form factor should be right at home in the Japanese market, which is dominated by taller and wider flip phones. That said, we don't expect this device outside of Japan any time soon.

source: TAT via Engadget

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