Fujitsu concept is awesome, will never happen

Fujitsu concept is awesome, will never happen
Fujitsu showed off a concept phone at Japan's CEATEC convention that will probably never see the light of day, but is awesome nonetheless.  The screen and keypad can be separated and reorientated in any configuration the user wishes, or both pieces can be used independently of one another.  The screen portion contains the software, such as games and videos, while the radio is housed in the keyboard half.  We can dream, cant we?

source: Gizmodo



1. rallykid unregistered

It may be a concept from them for now but I am sure it will see the light of day at some point in the future. This industry keeps evolving and someone will mass market this idea eventually.

2. unregistered

tight. now imagine if it had Mac OS or Android, hey a guy can dream, cant he?

10. unregistered

The fact that your dreaming about operating systems for phones is pretty sad, dont wake up from your dream if that is the highlight of your life.

15. unregistered

#10, this is a phone website, im sure he doesnt really dream of phone OS'.

3. unregistered

How come it wont ever happen? I think it will!!!! :- )

4. unregistered

Japan is way ahead of U.S. in Technology. I hope a phone like this does come out.

5. Ron unregistered

Guys japan is not way ahead. Its the FCC restrictions here in the US that slow our guys down!!!

6. unregistered

wow this idea is friggen crazy! i like it alot :D

7. unregistered

i have seen so many gadget stuff in some asian countries that i never seen in here,(laptops that can keep in ur trouser pocket, and some weird robo pets) , even if this phone released i dont think it will land here

16. unregistered

Number seven, maybe you should check out an 8th grade grammar book, and learn how to write a correct sentence.

8. vzw fanboy unregistered

but why does the fcc do that? why are they so ahead :-?

9. unregistered

oooo i hopt it comes to vzw first..... haha, flame away.......

11. JC unregistered

I don't get it... maybe if you guys had more pics up...

17. unregistered

What don't you get??

12. unregistered

it could happen~~why not~~they already have many different format of phones in japan~~go search for japanese phone, they are all crazy yet truly innovated. totally different world

13. testman unregistered

another reason phones like these will neve make it is market demand. Sure, people would LOOOVE to see these in their local stores and play with them, but are you seriously willing to shell out 400-900USD for one of these? not in my experience. The market here is dominated by the lower priced handsets, "the free phone", and the basic useage. In Japan there is more disposeable incomme and a true market for high-high-high-end phones. That puppy is gorgeous, but don't expect it to be cheap, or stateside, until demand changes.

18. madesina

Posts: 24; Member since: Oct 05, 2008

Low end phones like the iphone? oh yeah. lol

14. vzw fanboy unregistered

thanks for the info that was prolly the most intelligent post ive seen on these posts...seriously.

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