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HTC's plastic flagship, the One E8, gets snapped in its full, retail glory

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HTC's plastic flagship, the One E8, gets snapped in its full, retail glory
HTC made headlines yesterday when it officially outed the rumored HTC One E8. Previously known as the One M8 Ace, the One E8 is a near-copy of the aluminum-clad One M8 flagship, but with few notable differences.

For starters, the One E8 is made out of polycarbonate, not metal. It also skips on the controversial, 4-megapixel UltraPixel signature HTC camera, and instead sports a more conventional, 13-megapixel BSI snapper. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, the price tag of the One E8 reads a number that is half that attached to the One M8, at least in China where it's available: $447 versus $847. That's a massive discount.

Of course, while the compromise in build materials will trigger some soul-searching with a few, most people will be immediately sold -- plastic or not, there's no denying the One M8 is a very attractive device. And so is the One E8, by extension. Just how well does polycarbonate look on it, however? Luckily, we no longer have to make guesses based on computer-generated renders, as the folks over at Chinese iGeek have snapped the real thing from pretty much every possible corner. And the kicker? They got their hands on what appears to be a limited edition E8 that comes with a very fancy retail box. See for yourself.

source: iGeek (Translated) via GSMDome

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