HTC starts a service that allows everyone to get a uniquely tattooed HTC Tattoo

HTC starts a service that allows everyone to get a uniquely tattooed HTC Tattoo
The latest Android handset by HTC, the Tattoo got released yesterday and the manufacturer has just started a new service called TattooMyHTC. As its name suggests, it allows you to get a unique tattoo for your new HTC Tattoo... for just 12 EUR. The dedicated website features several pre-made patterns, but the real beauty of the idea is to come up with your own, unique design. In the latter case you will add 15 EUR to the price of your handset, but at least you can unleash your imagination and create something really stunning. Whatever you opt for, the lead-time for a tattooed handset is 14 days.

We do think this is a great idea indeed, since HTC presents you with the relatively inexpensive option to get yourself a uniquely looking handset, sporting a design customized to your own liking. Ultimately a device to help you stand out from the crowd. The HTC´s TattooMyHTC service is accessible via the source link, but unfortunately, it´s still unavailable to customers across the US.



1. demusglyn

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What do you mean unavailable? I just went to the link and filled out the form.I didn't order but I did see they took paypal.

2. moss500a unregistered


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