HTC patents an HTC Scribe tablet device trademark

HTC patents an HTC Scribe tablet device trademark
On December 26th HTC has filed for the trademark name HTC Scribe, and has listed it as a “handheld wireless device, namely a tablet computer.” Back in October HTC said they are still studying the market for tablet PCs, but it seems that the company has quickly come to grips that tablets will be all the rage in 2011.

Knowing HTC, it is not going to out anything half-baked, so we don't expect less than a Honeycomb slate, with HTC Sense on top, tailored for tablet usage, very possibly with a dual-core chipset. Not to mention slick design and craftmanship, so if any Android tablet can chip away at iPad's dominance, it would be HTC's creation.

What we would hope for, is that the HTC Scribe features 4G connectivity, and is announced at CES next week, but the Taiwanese might as well hold it off until MWC in February. We should know pretty soon, Verizon's press conference is on the 6th, and the carrier is expected to announce a bunch of LTE-enabled devices. With the HTC Thunderbolt already in the mix, they might as well throw in another tablet but the Motorola DROID Xoom, for a good measure. Hope keeps us ticking.

source: Bloomberg


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1. Shafeer

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HTC have always been a major competition to Apple and in my opinion the strongest one so. If they are going to create a table they will have to create an out of the box software with nice 3D rendering and lots of animations simply to tease the people. At the same time they will have to keep it user friendly. It will be a huge competition to Apple but I don't know how they will take this challenge on, Microsoft have shown their out-of-the-box thinking through WP7. I think it's great since I have it. :)

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