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HTC U12 Life benchmark results pop up online

HTC U12 Life benchmark results pop up online
So, HTC has released its flagship earlier this year — that would be the HTC U12+. Now, it's time for a more affordable solution, which still looks like a premium phone. And that, the rumor mill believes, will be the HTC U12 Life. It's supposed to be unveiled in just a couple of days, on the 30th of August. But, you know how it goes with the leak culture — we already have a fair bit of info on that device.

The latest leak comes from the benchmark website Geekbench. Test results for a mysterious HTC "2Q6E1" phone have been listed and educated speculation leads us to believe it's the expected HTC U12 Life.

What does it have? 4 gigs of RAM and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 as per the listing. Earlier rumors said that the phone would be powered by a Snapdragon 636, so we have a bit of a discrepancy here. Would be interesting to see which one HTC ends up using in the final product.

The scores are 1,343 points for single-core performance and 4,897 for multi-core. Not too shabby. Certainly not flagship performance there, but hey — it'll make a decent midranger!

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