HTC Studio shop will crack hard on the "Hero Device" code, report directly to CEO Peter Chou

HTC Studio shop will crack hard on the "Hero Device" code, report directly to CEO Peter Chou
HTC sprinkled its head with ashes at the quarterly results call yesterday, acknowledging that it had become complacent in 2011 due to the raging success in 2010, and stuffed new technology like the bulky first-gen LTE chips into its existing design paradigm, sometimes producing unwieldy devices.

The company is determined not to repeat these mistakes in 2012, though, and CFO Winston Yung reported that it is creating a so-called Studio department, which will be responsible with envisioning and crafting the so-called "Hero Device" strategy everyone is aiming at this year - less, but more distinctive devices.

HTC's CFO also hinted that the company doesn't want to feel constrained in its relationship with chip manufacturers, and might diversify from the Qualcomm Snapdragon exclusivity it has been favoring so far:

This is pretty much in line with what we are hearing about an upcoming HTC Edge aka Endeavor or Supreme, with a quad-core Tegra 3 processor. If HTC cuts the umbilical cord with Qualcomm, it will be able to be one of the first with quad-core handset, for example, where NVIDIA beat everybody to the punch again, or it can go with TI's OMAP family for some handsets, as that's the official chipset of Android Ice Cream Sandwich, speeding up the transition to the newest version.

Softwarewise HTC has a lot of good things to leverage, like its cloud services, while the HTC Sense UI needs just a little simplifying and tweaking to become a selling point for HTC handsets again - things that the company is rumored to have done with Sense 4.0 already.

HTC's February 26 event is not far away, and we'll be at the MWC 2012 expo to give you the nitty-gritty of the HTC comeback.

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