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HTC One X rumored with on-screen buttons only, more specs leak

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HTC One X rumored with on-screen buttons only, more specs leak
HTC One X, formerly known as the HTC Endeavor, is shaping up to be one Android Ice Cream Sandwich device worth its salt. The latest spill about it says that it won't have any hardware buttons but the power/lock and the volume keys on the sides, taking advantage of the onscreen buttons opportunity that came with ICS. 

HTC One X rumored with on-screen buttons only, more specs leak
In the first leaked render below it seemed that the device has capacitive buttons under the display, but in the recently leaked ROM from the HTC One X it was with "soft" back and home buttons strip at the top, so if the above rumor is true - whew, we thought no manufacturer outside the Nexus line will be brave enough to risk it with virtual buttons only!

It is also said to be very thin, at 0.35" (8.8mm), without compromising HTC's sturdy looks and tank-like build quality, and feature the staple amber/green LED notification light. 

The rest of the specs are what you can expect from the first flagships for the year - 4.7" HD display with the Super LCD-2 tech and optical lamination, a quad-core Tegra 3 processor, 1GB of RAM, 8MP camera with BSI sensor and 1.3MP front-facer. 

We are a little worried about the 1800mAh battery powering such a monster for long hours, but let's not prejudge. The phone is, after all, rumored to be already on order by 20+ carriers, so there must be something enticing in it for sure.

HTC One X rumored with on-screen buttons only, more specs leak
Another interesting decision is to leave out the microSD slot and hop directly to 32GB of internal storage. Does that mean a Google Drive launch is imminent? We'll see, but the 32GB are accessible in mass memory mode, which is great. Also, the HTC One X is to come with a microSIM slot as is increasingly becoming the trend, and 21Mbps HSPA+ radio.

As for accessories, the phone will be fully Beats Audio branded, and feature a 5-pin dock connector for a rumored speaker dock, and also a Bluetooth speaker bar is said to be unveiled. These are maybe a sign that HTC indeed plans to launch its own music streaming service, in cooperation with Beats Audio's Jimmy Iovine, and is equipping its flagship handset now in sync with its quality sound status.

We are most excited about the onscreen button configuration, though, meaning that the handset might have crammed a 4.7-incher in a body reserved for 4.3" phones, and that was precisely the point. But let's see what gets unveiled at MWC, we can't wait to handle the dimensions and see if the HTC One X will be the first truly Android ICS phone, virtual buttons and all.

source: MoDaCo

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