HTC One X has power management problem says custom ROM developer

HTC One X has power management problem says custom ROM developer
The HTC One X has a power management problem according to a developer who has created a custom ROM for the device. The problem, says the developer, is that an NVIDIA power control app known as NvCPLSvc.apk was misplaced in the /system/bin folder, rather than its proper location in /system/app. Posting on the Xda-developer's forum, mike 1986 has released an unofficial fix that puts the APK in the proper location. The problem involves Tegra 3 power management controls and is obviously only on the international variant of the model, which comes equipped with the quad-core NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor under the hood.

The incorrect APK placement is costing the HTC One X user 10% to 20% of his battery life. The good news is that the fix from mike 1986 will recapture that missing battery life. If you want to use the unofficial patch, you will need to install the new APK on their HTC One X via ADB and change the permissions. You can see the instructions from the developer himself at the sourcelink. If messing with your handset is foreign to you, we'd suggest waiting for the official fix from the Taiwan based manufacturer. Until then, just remember to travel with your charger.

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source: Xdadevelopersforum via Engadget

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