HTC Dragon, Huashan, Tinshan, and Songshan handsets all seen on roadmap

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HTC Dragon, Huashan, Tinshan, and Songshan handsets all seen on roadmap
HTC is about to really step up their game after seeing a roadmap for HTC China which depicts the Taiwanese manufacturer ready to attack all levels of the smartphone segment. From low-end to high-end units, the leaked roadmap displays a series of devices that may solidify the company’s presence in the smartphone business for 2010. First of all, the HTC Dragon has spent some time in the headlines when it was first thought to be the Nexus One – it does appear on the chart sporting a 3.6” WVGA display, Android, and be made for China. Next up is the HTC Huashan with its monstrous sized 4.3” WVGA display which is speculated to be the successor to the HTC HD2, but its OS is still undecided – which means it can sway towards Android.

Continuing its mass market appeal by going after the mid-range and low-end spectrum of the market, the HTC Tiahshan will feature a 3.2” QVGA display while the Songshan is going to be seen with an even smaller sized 2.8” QVGA screen; granted there isn’t much screen real estate with the Songshan because it’ll also include a front-facing QWERTY keyboard. Finally there is the HTC A6388 which is speculated to have a 3.4” HVGA display and is featured in the photo provided – still there isn’t a fancy codename associated with it yet. Aside from the screen sizes and speculated platforms, there is very little else known about these handsets. With MWC nearing with each passing day, we’re hoping that HTC will make some revelations about the mentioned handsets during the event.

source: Android Central via pocketnow


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