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HERE for Android no longer in beta, scores nice new features, iOS version coming soon


Just recently, HERE Maps on both Android and Windows Phone got updated with better object representation in maps - water bodies are much more accurate now, for example. Well, the ink is not dry yet, but a new, way more major update just hit the Android app.

From the get-go, the app is no longer in "beta" phase; on the contrary, the developer considers that it's stable and mature enough to be regarded as a full-fledged release. Apart from this "graduation", HERE has scored a few pretty notable improvements: for example, the improved routing option will now provide you with the three fastest pedestrian, driving, and public transportation routing alternatives to the desired location, all on one and the same page. That's unlike the solution in the "beta", which defaulted to the car-only option and required users to change tabs.

Another improvement is the improved map, which is much more interactive and information-rich than before. As the developer puts it, tapping on a certain location will now provide you with "contact info, photos of the food and reviews". 

Similar to Google Maps, HERE will now allow you to view certain buildings and points of interest in 3D. The whole user interface has also been enhanced and streamlined in order to improve the overall experience, which is certainly a commendable thing. Bravo!

Last, but definitely not least, comes the information about the iOS counterpart of Nokia's HERE Maps. All things considered, it should be coming pretty soon.

Download: HERE (Android)

source: HERE
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