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Group Transcribe uses AI magic to take notes during a meeting

Group Transcribe uses AI magic to take notes during a meeting
Microsoft Garage - the outlet for experimental applications and features - has produced another interesting product. The app is called Group Transcribe and what it does is pretty self-explanatory. You’re in a meeting with your colleagues and someone has to take notes to be able to send an email recap of the meeting later. But taking notes by hand is so last century!

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This is where Group Transcribe comes in. “This app uses a multi-device approach to provide real-time, high-quality transcription and translation, so users can be more present and productive during in-person meetings and conversations.” In other words, you can pay attention to the meeting itself and forget about the notes - the app will automatically write down everything for you.

Now, transcription apps and services aren’t new, AI-powered once included. What’s different here is that Group Transcribe uses the phones of all participants to then do its AI magic and construct this “high-quality transcription.” Using different devices also helps discern who said who in the meeting with nearly 100% accuracy.

In order to maximize the app’s efficiency users will need to keep their phone within arm’s reach. Group Transcribe also supports more than 80 languages, so you get live translation along with the transcription. It’s worth mentioning that the app is designed to work in a live environment, and won’t perform at its best when used online.

Group Transcribe is available worldwide on iOS, and you can also check the detailed FAQ page for more information.
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