Greyhound's new slogan could be "leave the texting while driving to us"

Greyhound's new slogan could be
It's not just the U.S. where police are cracking down on drivers using their handsets while behind the wheel. Our neighbors up north are also keeping on eye on the road as witnessed by the Vancouver Police Department. The cops there issued 40 tickets in a 2 hour span to drivers who were illegally using their phones while driving.

One driver who managed to escape the eyes of the cops was behind the wheels of a Greyhound passenger bus. While driving the bus and having the responsibility of getting his passengers to their destinations safely, the driver uses his handset to text, take pictures, and play games while the bus was "gently swerving over the white lines". For a company whose slogan is "Relax and leave the driving to us," this video does not look good.

The passenger who recorded the video, noted that he watched the driver using his phone while driving for at least 10 minutes before recording the activity, and before that he had been asleep. Thus, there is no way of knowing just how long the driver had used his phone while his concentration should have been on the road. For its part, a spokesperson for Greyhound, Bonnie Bastian, says the company has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to driving while using a phone. An investigation is currently under way.

source: YouTube via MobileSyrup



1. MA unregistered

If you think this is bad, check out the Italian version The dude is driving while talking and configuring his other phone with the other hand.

2. messiah

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may 24, 2011 grey hound driver on cell phone with girlfriend while driving through a rainstorm... i had the camera two feet from his head..... dude was so "Driver aware" not only did he not check his speed or mirrors but he didnt see me next to him.... i felt uber safe:

3. Awesome1 unregistered

What's next? Commercial airline pilots?

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