Greatest iPad 10 deal of all time makes it cheaper than it has ever been

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Greatest iPad 10 deal of all time makes it cheaper than it has ever been
I might be a little smitten by the newest iPad Pro, but that's not a good enough reason to throw $1,000 at a tablet that's clearly overpowered for me. Besides, not many of us have a grand lying around to splurge on a tablet that we don't have a use case for. A more sensible option is the iPad 10, which is on sale for its lowest price to date.

The iPad 10's screen may not have an anti-reflective coating and it may not be rocking an M-series chip, but that's precisely why it's the most affordable iPad in Apple's updated tablet lineup. In fact, the simple tabletiness of the base iPad is the number one reason to go for it.

iPad 10

Amazon's discount on top of Apple's permanent $100 price cut makes the iPad 10 unbeatable. It sports a large 10.9-inch screen, provides smooth performance, and also has a USB-C port.

Manufacturers have been saddling gadgets with features many of us don't even need and upselling us on them and we have been falling for it.

If you have sworn to never fall for pushy marketing tactics again, the iPad 10 is all the tablet you need, unless you intend to use your tablet as a full-time laptop for demanding tasks that require a lot of processing power.

For everyone else, the iPad 10 is perfect in almost every way. It has a 10.9-inch screen which is large enough for reading the newspaper and gaming, but more manageable than bigger tablets.

Apple has stuffed the iPad 10 with the A14 Bionic and you can count on it to never feel sluggish.

While a smartphone can technically do everything that an affordable tablet can, watching recipe videos or reading a blog is far more enjoyable on a bigger screen. Besides, the iPad 10 is also fast enough for light productivity tasks like working on a Word document or busting out emails.

When the iPad 10 was first released, the only thing that most people didn't like about it was its $449 price tag. Apple has permanently slashed $100 off its price, meaning it now starts at $349. And right now, Amazon is offering a discount of $15 on it. This is the lowest the tablet has ever gone and since the deal is not going to be around forever, you will want to hop on it before it expires.

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This makes the iPad 10 a better option than other top affordable tablets, including the now-discontinued iPad 9, which doesn't have a USB-C port and will cost you $329.

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