Gorilla protects DROID's glass screen from breakage

Gorilla protects DROID's glass screen from breakage
Anyone who has picked up a Motorola DROID has been able to immediately appreciate the build of the device. With a body constructed from metal, the DROID feels solid enough to survive almost anything. While the glass display might seem vulnerable to cracking or breaking during a fall, a technique developed by glass maker Corning has strengthened the display so as to protect it from falls, someone sitting on it or a zamboni running over it.

By taking the glass and sticking it in a special salt bath, you temper the glass by shoving larger ions into the surface of the glass and then compressing it. With Corning's Gorilla Glass, the ions are larger and penetrate the glass more deeply to make it harder for the glass to scratch or break. This is done through the use of an aluminum composite composition that is light and strong. Now, we have seen pictures of a DROID where the glass shattered and sometimes if the display takes it right on the kisser, it will shatter (the phone, by the way, continued to work perfectly). But the use of the specially developed Corning glass should help many DROID's survive a butterfingers move without the fatal results that happens to other handsets. Have you dropped your DROID? What were the results?

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source: Corning via Gizmodo

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