Google's incredible Duplex feature can now automatically fill in all your details online, no input required


Google wow-ed the crowds last year with its Duplex feature when it demonstrated how the Google Assistant would call a restaurant, talk to the staff and make a reservation over the phone without any manual intervention from the caller.

And as impressive as that is, phone calls these days are something that many people try to avoid, instead doing most of their business on the web.

And this is where the new Google Duplex for the web comes in handy: it is a Google Assistant feature that automatically fills in your details for reservations online so you can rent a car or buy movie tickets without ever having to manually write down your name for the hundredth time. It is all automatically taken care of by the Google Assistant.

You can see a quick demonstration of the feature in the video right above, but meanwhile, keep in mind that what you are seeing is an early demonstration and Google will provide more details about the feature later this year. We don't yet know when will Duplex for the web come to real-life devices.

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