Google's Project Fi now supports tablets, including two iOS models

Google's Project Fi now supports tablets, including two iOS models
Google's Project Fi hybrid MVNO allows users to use Wi-Fi Hotspots for voice, text and data. When out of range, subscribers are connected to either the Sprint or T-Mobile network. Project Fi members can choose from three handsets, the Nexus 6, Nexus 6P and the Nexus 5X. Google announced on Tuesday that customers, who had to receive an invitation to join, can now add a tablet to their data plan.

A Project Fi member can hook up as many as nine tablets to his/her account, sharing purchased data with the user's phone. Project Fi costs subscribers $20 a month for unlimited talk and text. Data is priced at the rate of $10 for each GB purchased. The cost of unused data is refunded back to the customer at the end of each month.

Unlike the three handsets, which connect to the T-Mobile or Sprint network depending on which one is stronger at the moment, data-only devices run on T-Mobile's network only, when a Wi-Fi signal is not available. The tablets that will connect to the Project Fi pipeline include the Nexus 7 (2013), the Nexus 9, Samsung Galaxy Tab S, Apple iPad Air 2 and the Apple iPad Mini 4. You can order a Data-Only SIM card for your device by going to your Project Fi Account > Your Plan > Add Data-Only SIM. A SIM adapter will be required for the Nexus 7 or the Galaxy Tab S.

Does the inclusion of the two iPad models mean that the Apple iPhone will soon be available for Project Fi users? Project Fi Senior Product Manager Laura Holmes makes it sound as though some new handsets will become available for Project Fi users to choose from.

source: Google via arstechnica via Gizmodo



1. DirtyDan23

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3. Zenzui

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This is actually a good deal... Now I regret not getting my Nexus 9 last year with LTE.

4. Scott93274

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Great news! now I would love to see an increase in the variety of smartphones that you can use with the service.

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