Google's Andy Rubin hopeful that Nokia will adopt Android

Google's Andy Rubin hopeful that Nokia will adopt Android
Pressured by the interviewers at the D: Dive into Mobile conference last week, Andy Rubin, of Android origin, had a hard time fending off questions about Google talking with Nokia's new CEO Stephen Elop about the possibility of introducing Android to Nokia devices. Such a move would make huge sense, at least for the North American market, where Nokia is almost non-existent. Despite that it is not as big as Europe, Asia and Africa, where Nokia sells half a billion phones a year, the American market is extremely visible and something of a trendsetter in the last few years, with the advent of iOS and Android devices.

Andy Rubin said that, basically, every OEM manufacturer is adopting Google's mobile OS, and with the shutting down of the Symbian Foundation website Nokia is left the sole licensee of the aging platform. He said that he is totally open for business should the new management at Nokia, which is headed by the former Microsoftie Stephen Elop, decide to evaluate Android as an option. We are sure that Google's chief Android guy would love to see his creation on a few hundred million phones more. The "no comment" type of avoiding direct questions if Google is in talks with Nokia about it, only confirms the sneaking suspicion that talks might already be underway. The Nokia part starts at about 6 minutes into the video below.

source: AllThingsDigital via Computerworld



11. ella unregistered

Nokia will not accept any Android platform since they are introducing MeeGo OS. An OS that would rival those iOS, Windows Phone 7, WebOS, and Android. Strangely, why would mr. Rubin want Android OS to Nokia devices? If it is failing on American markets, then he should focus on manufacturers who are popular on that countries (e.g. HTC, Samsung, Motorola). Besides, sooner or later, Nokia-Intel MeeGo OS will rival or makes even better than this OS who sees down to Symbian.

10. thatdude1 unregistered

Totally agree with Donthateons60. That would be a terrible business decision. Nokia will do what they always do: improve what they have invested in and make it even better and continue to lead.

8. DontHateOnS60

Posts: 872; Member since: Apr 20, 2009

Yeah, and Apple is going to adopt Android as well... Please, do any of you idiots out there who really believe Android is coming to Nokia, know anything about running a business at all? Do you really think that Nokia, who has spent millions on Ovi, MeeGo, and Symbian, is really going to give the slightest of indications that it's giving up on its own services and operating systems in favor of Android? Not only that, how about the fact that they'd be entering a mess of Android phones, have to deal with Google laying down the law, and then have to support another OS. Yeah, it's nice to dream about Android inside of Nokia hardware, but it's never going to happen because business wise, it's a terrible decision, regardless of whether or not anybody thinks an Android Nokia would help them break into the U.S. market.

9. Whateverman

Posts: 3295; Member since: May 17, 2009

I think calling people "idiots" is a bit harsh, just because they would like to see the world's greatest hardware coupled with the hottest OS in the industry. Nokia may never need Android to stay competitive, but should they ignore the trend and assume that the rest of the world will not see Android as attractive Americans do? If Nokia takes the nosedive that Rim is is taking, I would think making a few Android based Nokia's wouldn't be a bad idea, business wise.

7. joujou unregistered

@Zylam Last year of fun? What do you mean? A revolutionar Nokia device with a 640x360 screen and a 20mpx camera? No, thanks.

6. protozeloz

Posts: 5396; Member since: Sep 16, 2010

Fragmentation is more related with the providers that the OS itself, I bet if Symbian and IOS had more manufacturers on their OS they will see the same problem. dumb manufacturers having to add features as if they where mandatory, instead of tuning them into apps or packages that can be installed for those who want a custom experience... now Nokia makes great Symbian pones because they get fully involved into anything they put their hands of (some other are just too lazy), now why Symbian fans have to bash on any remote desire to have an android phone in Nokia? its not going no mean Nokia is going to quit Symbian, just add some variety... I bet Google might be interested into acquiring any Symbian related projects or even Symbian devs, it could be a chance for them to fix the things they are missing, the world of mobile phones never stops surprising me.... some weird feeling tell me 3.0 might come with a cure (or at least some medicine) to reduce fragmentation, as I believe they see this as an issue that delays their power...

5. Papi unregistered

Has daniel_bargs said Nokia is a big company and can afford to have multiple OS in its line-up and then its up to the consumers to choose which OS they want from Nokia. It is good to have a choice of OS from the best phone hardware maker (Nokia), instead of leaving consumers stuck with one shitty OS"Symbian". For those Symbian fans who haven't used Google's Android OS, Apple's iOS or Microsoft Windows Mobile 7/ 6.5 please try and get one you don't know what you are missing, come to the modern age and get out of the 90.

4. Stoli89

Posts: 333; Member since: Jun 28, 2010

Of course Rubin would say this! But the whole discussion fails to address Nokia's key move over the past year with Qt, its new development framework. Qt is not only uniting the UI programming for both Meego and Symbian, but also forming the key framework for third party app developments. Qt neutralizes the threat of platform fragmentation, an issue that Google's Android is struggling to address. Qt also drives internal synergies, improves speed to market across its deep product portfolio, and will streamline third party development processes. It really is not just about Symbian, nor Meego; it really is about Qt. Ask yourself why Rubin and the author failed to even address this key point. There is a good reason; Qt could actually work to Nokia's advantage. PS: Symbian is not "old" by historical standards, having roots in EPOC, which was developed around the same time as Linux. The touch UI has been the weakest link, not the robust core OS and related functionalities. The new UI is coming early next year.

3. Zylam

Posts: 1827; Member since: Oct 20, 2010

Keep dreaming Rubin, Nokia's hardware is second to none even if Symbian is the least favorable OS for "Americans" im glad Nokia wont go anywhere near the fragmented crap, but if it ever did than im sure it would be the sickest Android phone ever but thank God its not happening, the Fandroids are confussed fanbois with every new ground breaking HTC/LG/Samsung/ Tegra 2 phone coming than just being dropped without updates or even worse staggering slow updates aka the ultimate joke, the only reason Androids what it is is because google let HTC/LG/Samsung rape it in every direction with crap like touchwiz Nokia's faithful have much more pride, even if the iSheep and Fandroids hate symbian (Jealous of hardware much?) Symbian's only going to get better besides Rubins just trying to help himself sleep at night thinking Nokia will take Android cause guess what Meego's coming to rip through the highend and with car manufacturers taking Meego as the inbound system, Intel's backing with the Atom and Moorestown and hopefully Nvidia's step in with Tegra 2 support Meego will be a force to be reckoned with. Yea yea iSheep/Fandroids Nokia sucks huh? Enjoy last year of fun.

2. Joni unregistered

No need android for Nokia, feature wise symbian^3 actually more capable than latest android. Just polish the cosmetic that's what people complain with. If Nokia want to use others OS, I prefer they choose WinPhone7 , a new and innovative OS , that Nokia could grow with, instead of Android that people already have HTC brand in their mind.

1. daniel_bargs

Posts: 325; Member since: Nov 27, 2010

what the? haha i was totally shocked seeing nokia will adopt android but to my excitement... it was just a hope for adopting android wahahahha. i thought nokia was giving up on symbian. but if im nokia... ill go adopt android... its not bad having symbian and android.. at least people have choices... its kinda frustrating if you dont have choices especially youre paying for it. we all want the best for our money. NOKIA GO FOR ANDROID... having meego, android and symbian in your phone's lineup will popularize you again! and it will gain you the trust that have been lost due to you shortcomings.

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