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Google produced video shows new owners how to use Google Nexus 7

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Google produced video shows new owners how to use Google Nexus 7
It was your birthday and someone just handed you a gift. Curious to know what was in the box you felt under the gift wrapping, you tear away at the paper only to find a colorful box that reads "Google Nexus 7". You thought to yourself how familiar that name sounded when you remembered hearing something about a new phone, tablet or calculator that just was introduced with that name. You vaguely remember hearing something about a tablet that ran on jelly beans. Was that instead of a battery?

The box for the Google Nexus 7
You open up the box to find that 7 inch, ASUS built tablet, but now what? The last piece of technology you owned was a Sony Walkman. So how does this new fangled thing work? Luckily, Google saw this coming. With a low priced tablet everyone can afford, it increases the chances that some newbies to the world of  mobile devices will be buying or receiving the Google Nexus 7.

The video, called "Getting Started" covers everything from turning on the tablet to setting up a Google account to receiving software updates. If you are one of those lucky new Google Nexus 7 owners and are a bit confused, just click on the video below.

source: Google via Phandroid

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