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Google may prep YouTube, Hangouts and others for Windows 10 Mobile

Google Rumored to Announce a Set of Apps for Windows 10 Mobile Phones
Under the new CEO, Microsoft is hard at work creating very decent (and some great) apps for Android, putting behind any qualms or reservations it might have about working on a direct competitor's platform. It seems that Google might be prepping to return the favor, by having its own popular apps ready for prime time on the Windows 10 Mobile edition when it lands this week, along with two new Lumias to showcase it.

Staple apps like YouTube, Hangouts, Google Voice and Google Play Music are all tipped to appear on the Windows Store, it seems. Microsoft already signed agreements with some Android makers like Samsung, Sony or Asus, to ship its apps for the platform together with their phones out of the box. 

Having Google's apps on Windows 10 Mobile would certainly be a boost for those who are contemplating a run for the new Lumias, but are using their Google stuff on a regular basis, but since this is just a rumor, we'll take the wait and see approach until Microsoft takes the stage tomorrow, and gives some more details on the new handsets and their fresh ecosystem.

source: W4Phub (translated) via Reddit
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