Google demonstrates how its context-aware Google Now on Tap will work

Google introduces location-aware search to answer questions while you’re on the go
Google took the stage at the SMX (Search Marketing Expo) event in France to demonstrate how some of the new Google on Tap situation-aware search is going to work. In this specific case, the demo shows how the search engine is able to understand context based on location.

So, we are treated to a couple of videos showcasing the new functionality. Based on location, and Google's information of places and landscapes, users will be able to simply ask their Android phone "OK, Google – How tall is this building? / How deep is this river? / What's the name of that church?" and the engine should come back with a relative answer.

This is only part of the Google on Tap functionality that will be coming with Android M. The whole idea is that the Google Now assistant should be fully aware of what you are currently doing, constantly able to provide relative information, even if you are asking vague and incomplete questions. For example, if you are currently listening to a Skrillex song, and you ask the assistant "What's his real name?", Google Now should come back with the artist's real name.

Check out the videos below to see how a location-aware Google Now answers users' questions.

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