Google could deactivate Glass if an early adopter sells it

Google could deactivate Glass if an early adopter sells it
Earlier today, a pair of Google Glass popped up on eBay for $5,000 and it quickly had bids that eclipsed the $90,000 mark. You read that right: ninety-thousand dollars. The listing was pulled pretty quickly, and now we may have found out why. If the sale had gone through, the buyer might have gotten bricked Glass, because Google has reserved the right to deactivate any Explorer Edition if an early adopter tries to sell it.

Wired first reported that part of the Google Glass Terms of Sale states:

Those are pretty strict rules right there. But, Google has been very careful to limit the number of people that will have early access to the device, so it would make sense that it would try to limit the movement of those devices. The question is in how Google would know when to enforce this rule. It would have to be tracking each device somehow in order to do it. 


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