Google Wallet security hole gets patched

Google Wallet security hole gets patched
That recently discovered security hole in Google Wallet was something that even those with little to no hacking skills could exploit. It was even simpler than the brute force attack method that we reported of last week. All that was needed in order for the hack to be performed is to wipe the data in the app settings, after which the app resets itself and requests a new PIN. Once a new Google prepaid card got activated on the app, all the funds that were previously available on Google Wallet magically became accessible.

Fortunately, Google has already patched that security hole, and Google prepaid cards can be issued once more. Here is a statement that was posted on the official Google Wallet blog:

So, Google Wallet appears to be safe once more. But have all those recent hacks affected your trust in Google Wallet in a negative way? Is it only a matter of time until another exploit gets discovered? Do not hesitate to share your opinion with us by dropping a comment below.

source: Google via Gizmodo


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