Google Voice Search finally receives support for simultaneous multi-language recognition

Several months ago we told you that Google Voice Search is about to receive true multi-language support. The feature initially rolled out for select users, but it appears that the handy functionality is gradually arriving to all supported Android devices now via an update. Up until now, Voice Search could only recognize one language at a time, which means that if you had selected English as your primary one, the app wouldn't have recognized Russian or German, for example.

Well, these days are over, as users can now choose up to five languages from the list that Voice Search totes. Regardless of which one you speak in, the app will recognize and procure your query. No more delving into the Settings menu in order to switch between language packs! What's even more useful is that you can mix these languages in a single sentence, and provided that it's not complete gibberish, Google's Voice Search will successfully do its mojo.

However, the "Ok, Google" voice recognition hotword still does not support any other language than English, but we wouldn't say that this is a big issue anyway. The hotword detection from any screen is also available with English selected as a primary language, too. Well, maybe in an upcoming update, Google?

Download: Google Search (Android)

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source: Android Police via Engadget

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