Google Translate Conversation Mode Test

Google Translate Conversation Mode Test
Only a few days ago Google released a new version of Google Translate, and, as we told you, it adds a great new feature - Google Conversation Mode. It's only an alpha build, but nevertheless it gives us the chance to get our first taste of it, although at the moment this feature is available in only two languages - Spanish and English.

Basically, Google Conversations allows us to say a phrase in English, which is then pronounced in Spanish by the app and vice versa. Here's a little demonstration.



1. iPhone has similar unregistered

There has been already a long time a similar app called Trippo VoiceMagix which is available for Android, iPhone, Windows Mobile, J2ME and Bada. So almost for any

2. protozeloz

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well the idea of this post is to announce that Google translate, witch is a known app for android users,it got a new update adding some extra features, now they are testing the new features of this app since this app can be integrated and used by some other apps too

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