Google Search can now save you time when shopping

Google Search can now save you time when shopping
Don't you just hate it when your favorite shopping places become others' favorite places as well? It means suffering through long lines at the register, dealing with people bumping into you and putting up with smells that your nose has never dealt with before. And we haven't even touched on the difficulties of finding a parking spot. It seems that Google understands, and a fresh update to the Google Search app means that you can now avoid that crowded scene when shopping.

When searching for a particular store, Google will now include a graph at the bottom of the listing. The graph will show you a representation of how crowded the place is at various times of each day. For example, you might find out that the coffee shop you visit to get that daily jolt of caffeine is busier in the morning on some days, later in the day on others. By knowing this, you can arrange your visits to the shop to take place when it is less crowded.

Google says that it will give you this information for millions of stores and businesses. The only problem is, once everyone starts visiting a store during the less crowded times, ultimately those hours become the new peak shopping periods.

source: +Google via AndroidandMe

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