Google working on a Snapdragon 710-powered Pixel phone for 2019

Google working on a Snapdragon 710-powered Pixel phone for 2019
Rumor has it, Google will launch two Pixel 3 smartphones later this fall, both being consistent upgrades over the current Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL models. The phones are said to be manufactured by Foxconn, but LG Display is supposed to provide the panels for the upcoming Pixel 3 handsets.

However, there's a new rumor running around that claims Google has already started working on yet another Pixel smartphone, which will be launched in the first half of 2019.

Unlike the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL, this rumored Pixel smartphone will be powered by the most recent Qualcomm chipset, the Snapdragon 710, a processor aimed at mid-range Android handsets.

Not much is known about the mid-range Pixel smartphone yet since development has just started. In fact, there's no guarantee the Google will eventually launch this particular device next year.

Although it may be surprising that Google plans to enter the mid-range smartphone market, it makes sense for the search giant to put its new mobile division bought from HTC at work. Perhaps will learn more about Google's plans this fall when the new Pixel 3 smartphones are set to be revealed.

source: Roland Quandt (Twitter)



1. RevolutionA

Posts: 529; Member since: Sep 30, 2017

Soon Google's gonna become Motorola with bunch of handsets

3. antroid

Posts: 396; Member since: Jan 24, 2018

No, it will be similar to Apple smartphones, iPhone X plus (will be against pixel 3 XL), regular iPhone (will be against regular pixel 3) and iPhone X SE (will be against this Pixel).

6. Trex95

Posts: 2383; Member since: Mar 03, 2013

When google made an Soc as powerful as A10 then mayabe they can compete with Apple at least Samsung did it with Exyons 8910.

8. antroid

Posts: 396; Member since: Jan 24, 2018

I don't see how it's relevant. Most likely it will be more powerful than SD710. It's doesn't matter because it won't be utilize. Nowadays every modern flagship that has SD (8xx or 710 or even 660), kirin chipset or exynos or Apple AXX chipset will handle well every thing maybe some features will be missing like 960FPS in slow motion or whatever but most of the people won't use it. Basically the hardware is top of the line the software need to catch up with the hardware. Benchmarks are numbers, nothing more but numbers.

9. vincelongman

Posts: 5814; Member since: Feb 10, 2013

> at least Samsung did it with Exyons 8910? 1. Exynos 9810 2. lol the 845's CPU is faster and more efficient than the 9810 3. 845 leads in GPU and modem Google is designing their own custom CPU SoCs (these usually take 3-4 years) But in the meantime they are using the industry leading Snapdragons (best in GPU, modem, and CPU efficiency)

10. BuffaloSouce unregistered

So you’re saying the Pixel doesn’t rival the iPhone?

13. sgodsell

Posts: 7621; Member since: Mar 16, 2013

Since it's going to be a cheaper Pixel smartphone. Then I wonder if it's going to be Daydream VR compatible as well?

2. TechSceptic

Posts: 1156; Member since: Feb 05, 2018

That's great, as a mid-range phone from Google would definitely be something that i would personally be interested in as a buyer. It sounds like it could be the spiritual sucessor to Google's Nexus phones. It's not like the Snapdragon 710 SoC is a slouch, it's quite a capable chip.

4. gamehead unregistered

im interested, but a notch and a 2019 release date are deal breakers

11. BuffaloSouce unregistered

Where does it say anything about a notch? It’s not an XL model

15. gamehead unregistered

I'm saying if it has one it's a deal breaker

5. savagx

Posts: 33; Member since: Sep 15, 2015

If they made Iphone SE like phone with all screen and google software that would be best thing ever.

7. michaelsword

Posts: 6; Member since: Sep 12, 2012

Didn't Google hire the head designer that made Apple's processors

12. Droid1

Posts: 32; Member since: Oct 06, 2017

You mean, design the chip?

14. tokuzumi

Posts: 2004; Member since: Aug 27, 2009

I'm curious to see what devices start being released with the 710. I would love to see one of these with a good camera. You wouldn't have to pay an arm and a leg for a flagship phone.

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