Google Now makes sure you don't miss your exit

Ever take a seat on a bus, and be so tired that you conk out and miss your stop? When you wake up, you're miles from home and at the end of the route. Thanks to Google Now, that won't happen again. Open Google Now when you're on a train or bus, and you'll be asked if you want an alarm to go off when you are close to a previously saved location like your work or home.

Tapping the screen turns the feature on, while a second tap disables it.  It's another useful feature offered by Android's virtual personal assistant. The screen shot of the feature which accompanies this article, was taken in the Netherlands.

Interestingly, for this feature, Google Now does not seem to tie into the alarm  function of an Android phone. But what it does do is make sure that you are up and alert and ready to exit the bus or train at the right stop. Otherwise, it could be a long night as you retrace all of those extra exits you slept through.
source: AndroidPolice


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