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Google Glass now syncs photos with your phone, guides you to your parking location

It seems that Google is pretty determined to expand the functionalities of its Google Glass wearable, which is already in open beta and available for anyone who some $1500 to spare. Each firmware update brings a lot of new features to the smartglasses. The latest one, XE18.1, just started its rollout and it is by no means different - thanks to it, Google Glass steps up its game even further.

One of the more useful and interesting new features that Google Glass received is its ability to sync the photos you take with your paired smartphone. Whenever you snap a picture with the wearable, it will automatically show up in the MyGlass app on your phone. What's more, it is said that this nifty feature does not require you to be connected to a Wi-Fi network.

Thanks to the XE18.1 firmware update, Google Glass also gets several new Google Now cards. Among the most useful ones are the Parking Location and package tracking cards. If you have accidentally forgotten where you've parked your car, the wearable will come to your aid and navigate you to your vehicle. The purpose of the package tracking card is pretty straightforward, too – Glass will track your Gmail and notify you if your package has been shipped or delivered. Additionally, the latest version of the MyGlass app will notify you if the battery of your smartglasses drops below 20%.

And last, but not least, Google Glass will now provide you with information about your favorite teams that participate in FIFA's World Cup that starts tomorrow in Brazil. In order to receive relevant information about the World Cup, users need to select their favorite teams and allow Google Now to provide them with news, match updates, and results.

source: Glass via XDA
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