Google Chrome web browser gets ported onto the Nokia N900

Google Chrome web browser gets ported onto the Nokia N900
The hacking possibilities are almost endless from what we've seen done for the Maemo powered Nokia N900. From 3D games to emulators, it doesn't look like there isn't anything that the N900 can't do to showcase its depth in being the most hacker-friendly device. The latest thing to make its way onto the device is the Google Chrome web browser that is accompanied with Flash support – which kicks it to the other mobile web browsers out there. Fortunately this thing is running smooth after it was ported and is based on the Debian 32-bit release – looking quite stable after passing all 100 of the Acid3 tests. Depending on your tolerance of waiting, owners are reminded that they can overclock the N900's processor all the way up to 1GHz if they feel that the experience is a tad on the unflattering side. Even though there are still some bugs needed to be worked out on this port, owners can pick up the installation files for Chrome and get situated with this popular desktop browser on their handset.


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