Google, Apple, Microsoft and Twitter issue open letter to President Obama to curtail an NSA run amok


The Silicon Valley giants are taking the NSA snooping matter in their own hands. Fully aware about the damage on their reputation as US companies, done by what started with the inconspicuously named Patriot Act, and extended to overarching electronics surveillance by the NSA, they issued an open letter to President Obama and Congress with the following content:

We guess the news that NSA under General Keith Alexander went as far as tapping the underseas cables that transport the internet traffic to companies like Google and Microsoft was the last drop. General Alexander was announced to be resigning from his duties as NSA chief, but the systems he built are likely still operational, and Microsoft already took measures to encrypt the traffic to and from its servers against NSA surveillance

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Now with the open letter of Apple, Microsoft, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, AOL and Yahoo, the tech giants, which represent quite a large chunk of US GDP, are urging for more transparency. Who can blame them - under the gag orders from the secretive FISA court, they can't mention how many requests for disclosing information they are getting by the NSA, let alone the snooping specifics, which might result in exodus of users looking for spy-free alternatives.

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