Goodbye, Lenin, hello new MeeGo phone and tablet

Goodbye, Lenin, hello new MeeGo phone and tablet
It's reported that Intel held a conference in Moscow, where it presented in flesh a MeeGo-powered tablet and a MeeGo-powered smartphone. As you know from our article on MeeGo, Nokia is collaborating with Intel to create a new platform for smartphones, tablets and PCs. With MeeGo, Nokia surely wants to go head-to-head with, say, the next-generation iPhone or the Playstation Phone and win, while this platform seems like Intel's best chance to get a sizeable share of the tablet market.
It seems like Nokia is concentrating more on MeeGo than Symbian for its future high-tech projects and that's why it is time to take a look at these much anticipated, but yet unannounced devices. The smartphone is named "HI/LO VIBRANT", but it's too early to guess whether this is going to be its official name or not. It has two cameras, with the front-facing one presumably for video calls. We can't say anything definite about the tablet, but it seems to have a front-facing camera as well.

Of course, there are no official release dates for these gadgets and they may be only prototype units anyway. But still, it's refreshing to see what Nokia and Intel are planning design-wise for their future devices.

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9. erico poy unregistered

im a nokia n97 user... iv heard a lot about some bad comment on my mobile... they just dont knw hw to maximize its capability... well doess an iphone has a fine shooter? yep bt my nokia n97 has an extra memory slot a possible 64g... does an iphone has an fm transmitter? i watch my movies using the speaker of a radio wer i can maximize the sound system... siiigghhh... they jst dnt knw hw to maximize it... wait a yr or two iphone s dead nokia s rising dude...

8. juan unregistered

I have no Nokia stocks, neither Google's ones. But having using Nokia during last 14 years and changing to Android is a great experience. Everything works fine. NO more stupid-repeating questions about security that not true one. I like Nokia's hardware, its the best, but software is a pain. MeeGo could be the solution, otherwise going back to coppers wires, Nokia .

7. Ringo unregistered

Personally, I've never been much of a Nokia fan. Sure, my first three or so cellphones were Nokias, but they were of the bottom-end, crappy variety. (5110, 3310, etc.). Since I've moved on to smartphones, I've been sticking with the likes of Sony Ericsson and Samsung (currently using a Galaxy S). Nice to know that Nokia's starting to catch up, though; if MeeGo's any good, I might even consider getting one for my next phone. If not though, might try for an HTC, though their reputation for bad battery life might be a bit of a deterrent. Sent from my Galaxy S.

6. lostpr0phet unregistered

please make a cdma meego phone for verizon nokia, please!!!

5. nghtwng68

Posts: 108; Member since: Nov 26, 2009

Make that the 5th person to hop on this Nokia band wagon. As an advid Nokia handset user (Still using the powerhouse N82 & just bought the N97mini) I am wishing Nokia nothing but the BEST!!! Their phones have been cutting edge from Xenon flash, front facing cameras, multi-tasking OS, reliability, sturdy devices, etc is what made me love them as a company and a fan of their phones. They have put so much effort in mid-level phones and side tracked of creating cutting edge phones that made them so popular. Very interested in the MeeGo OS operated phones. I'm sure they will be great. Rooting for you as well Nokia! Go MeeGO!

4. thatdude1 unregistered

I totally agree with all of you. I still have and use(in rotation)a Nokia N95 and a Nokia E90 along with my Nokia N900. The funcionality on these handsets is nothing short of spectacular. Can't wait for the 1st MeeGo handset to drop.

3. rafaelinux

Posts: 31; Member since: Jun 29, 2009

I'm still using my N82 too, and am plenty confident that if Nokia and Intel don't go all software and keep their cameras, antennas, and body designs ahead of everyone else, it can't go but up for them

2. BeryProduction unregistered

Totally agree with rj04 . My last phone i bought was Nokia N95 , i am still using it , cuz its such a awesome phone and its camera its briliant for 5years old phone :) Looking forward to Nokia with MeeGo !

1. rj04

Posts: 6; Member since: Feb 07, 2009

Nokia has always been such a power-house in the cellphone industry so it would be nice to see them get back to the forefront of design and tech. They have the capabilities to really push what's possible with a cellphone. The problem being they've made so much money on middle of the road devices that they have become complacent and are no longer on the cutting edge. At the time I first bought my N82( for the full price of 450 US) there was nothing that even came close to matching it's overall effectiveness. Even today the N82's camera will out class the iPhone 4 and latest Droid cameras. Come on Nokia, I'm rooting for you!

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