Give your HTC Touch Pro 1 a face-lift with Android courtesy of CyanogenMod-6

Give your HTC Touch Pro 1 a face-lift with Android courtesy of CyanogenMod-6
The notorious Windows and Android developers over at XDA-Developers have taken the newest Cyanogen Mod and ported it to an old but still very capable phone from HTC. The Touch Pro 1.

For those who don’t know, Cyanogen is the source of the most complete and formidable builds of the Android OS not coming straight from Google. Previous builds have also been ported to newer devices such as the powerful Windows Mobile 6.5-based HTC HD2.

The Cyanogen builds usually come fully loaded, just as a fresh Android built phone would. This particular one carries with it Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, standard phone and messaging functionality, data capabilities, etc.

The feat of porting CyanogenMod-6 to the HTC Touch Pro 1 was accomplished by an XDA member who goes by the name vatoloco. We suggest all of you Touch Pro 1 users send him a nice thank you for freeing your phones from their Windows constraints. Of course, you could also join him as the word is he is still looking for new team members (if you've got the skills, that is, we doubt he needs someone to make him a coffee).

More info is available at the XDA site, where you'll also find step-by-step directions on how to pull off the installation. If followed correctly, your HTC Touch Pro 1 will run Android quite beautifully and give you an idea of what a little green Droid can do for you.

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source: XDA-Devs via WMPoweruser

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