Get a digital pet to keep as Little Kitten is the free iOS app of the week

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Get a digital pet to keep as Little Kitten is the free iOS app of the week
How would you like a free digital cat to take care of? Because it is digital, you 'll get some of the positive features of owning a real cat, but without the dirty litter boxes and the clawing of furniture that comes with a real feline. This week's Free iOS App of the Week is Little Kitten, a digital cat that is normally $1.99. With the lack of any text menus, the app is designed for young children, aged 3 to 8.

Parents can set how long the kitten can play for before it gets tired and goes to sleep. Despite being made for the kiddies, the developer says that this is a high-tech app that uses cutting-edge programming. And from now through Wednesday, it is free.

According to the listing in the App Store, Little Kitten can play the following games:

  • Kitten Hide & Seek - encourages focus and attention.
  • Paw Painting - creativity unleashed! Mix red, yellow, blue to get every imaginable color - your child will learn realistic paint mixing, then come up with your own master piece using a paw print or a standard brush.
  • Mouse & Cheese - Memorize where the zones are to sneak mouse past little kitten over to the cheese. Or just have some laughs seeing what happens when little kitten catches the mouse!
  • Bed Trampoline - Discover all little kitten's hidden tricks and moves!
  • Animal Puzzle - Mix and match funny animal combinations to earn biscuits that you can then feed to your little kitten.
  • Feeding - Each time you play a mini-game you receive cat food snacks, children love feeding little kitten and watching it licking it's lips and purr after a good feed!
  • Cat-in-the-box educational mini game.

Download Little Kitten from the App Store by clicking on this link.

source: Apple

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