Gary Oldman uses the power of suggestion in new HTC One (M8) ad

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We won’t mince words, HTC’s marketing initiatives of late have not been all that great. We had high-hopes that a dynamic entertainer like Robert Downey, Jr. would bring a new flame to the brand’s identity. The last time we heard from him, it was via a yawn-fest of a video that related nothing of what the fabulous HTC One (M8) can do.

When Gary Oldman joined the marketing fray, our hopes for a new energy in the marketing were dashed initially. There is some appeal to the production as a whole, but when no time is spent actually talking about what HTC’s new flagship can do, it is 30-seconds or a minute lost.

The more straight forward approaches from HTC’s competitors like Samsung and Apple are entertaining and informative. However, we will tip our hat to Oldman’s power of suggestion, and he didn’t even need the metronome to drive the point home, “So go ahead, ask the internet.”

That is sound advice, the HTC One (M8) has received high-praise across the board, and when it comes to Android powered devices, the M8 is arguably the best built of the bunch. If you are not going to cheer on your own product, aside from saying “buy one,” you might as well point interested people to where the cheering is going on to help them make a decision.

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