“The Next Big Thing” campaign lives on newest Galaxy S5 ad, overtly takes aim at iPhone

“The Next Big Thing” campaign lives on newest Galaxy S5 ad, overtly takes aim at iPhone
The latest ad posted by Samsung Mobile in the US takes a rather pedestrian, if informative angle to the new Galaxy S5, and it throws a barb at the iPhone for good measure.

The full minute ad will certainly get edited for a slew of 30-second spots to get wider TV distribution, but what cannot be discounted is the clear bomb thrown at Apple’s iPhone when it comes time to talk about the camera. 

Normally, we would not take any note over such a claim as the Samsung Galaxy S5 has a fine camera.  However, we have been catching wind about some folks’ S5’s cameras going on the fritz after a few days of operation and no immediate remedy in sight. The issue with the camera seems to be affecting Verizon customers the most.  For now at least, it looks like the only option is to get a replacement under warranty, though a software fix should hopefully solve the problem.

That issue aside, in our review of the Samsung Galaxy S5, we had high praise for the camera. The 16MP sensor is augmented by a host of innovative features courtesy of Samsung. In the ad, Samsung makes a point that the Galaxy S5 camera takes photos with “twice the resolution of the iPhone.”

Samsung has always been a tough competitor to Apple, and the company’s effective marketing often mocks the iPhone faithful. While the camera barb is funny, its timing is going to find frustration with those contending with a “Warning: Camera Failed” issue on their device.

It is also the first time we can think of where the Galaxy S5’s competitor is actually called-out by name. Granted, the call-out would have a bit more sting with a typical Samsung mockery ad, but you never know what the marketing gurus are cooking up next.


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