Gameloft's Rival Knights brings Medieval jousting to your Android and iOS devices

We all know what jousting is - two fully-armored knights ride their horses against each other and try to take down their opponent with a wooden lance so that they can win the tournament and, eventually, the heart of their beloved lady. This hastilude was among the most popular martial games that took place during the tournaments in the Middle Ages and thanks to Gameloft, we can now engage ourselves in some Medieval jousting action right on our Android and iOS devices – enter Rival Knights.

In Rival Knights, you take control of a knight in shining armor, whose purpose is to win as many duels as possible. Thanks to the asynchronous multiplayer mode, you actually get to joust against real opponents and not AI-controlled bots, just like one does in some popular racing games, such as Real Racing 3 and CSR Racing.

The gameplay is pretty straightforward – you get on your loyal horse and spur the armored animal towards your opponent. Just like in a plethora of mobile racing games, you'll have to try to make a perfect start and not lose a bit of precious speed when you set off against your armored rival. Additionally, you'll need to maintain your horse's momentum by gradually increasing its speed. Once you and your opponent are nearly about to clash your lances into each other, the game goes into slow motion mode, which enables you to precisely guide your lance against a weak spot in your rival's armor.

All in all, the gameplay is pretty simple and requires a fair amount of precision and concentration. But the visuals are one of Rival Knights' biggest strengths. Gameloft's jousting simulator does not only come with eye-pleasing 3D graphics, it also employs motion-capture animations and ragdoll physics.

If one of your childhood dreams was to be a chivalrous knight in shining armor and ace those jousting tournaments, then Rival Knights might turn out to be your cup of tea. The action-packed knight game is available on iOS/Android devices and is free to download, but be advised that it comes with a fair amount of in-app purchases that give you access to better gear and other extras.

Download: Rival Knights (iOS | Android)

via: PocketGamer


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