Gameloft is reportedly overcharging Android customers

Gameloft is reportedly overcharging Android customers
According to Android and Me, Gameloft's online store has repeatedly overcharged Android users for their purchased games. The user who wrote the article purchased three Android titles, but was then charged four times for a single game on the following day. He was only made aware of the repeated billing because his bank flagged it as potential fraud.

Everyone has accidentally repurchased something, or mistakenly added too many of one item to their Shopping Cart, but this doesn't sound like an isolated occurrence. In response to a previous post about Gameloft's billing issues, another user shared a story about when his card was also charged multiple times for a single title. Even worse, Gameloft's customer service department didn't respond to him after multiple emails.

Comments made on the Android and Me article corroborate the trend. Some even admitted that this is why they have been driven to download pirated copies of Gameloft's titles. We don't want to accuse Gameloft of deliberately overcharging, but it wouldn't be the first time a company tried to overcharge their customers. Imagine how many users might not notice an extra $4.99 charge to their credit card.

At the risk of inciting our readers' wrath, we have to say that this is exactly why Apple demands such tight control over their App Store. Yes, they profit from app sales, but they also provide a credible/accountable mediation of both billing and downloads.

source: Android and Me

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