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Gameloft about to release a new fighting game full of Greek gods and heroes


The fighting game genre isn't the most popular on mobile, given that the gameplay doesn't mesh well with touch controls. Still, there are a few titles, where the developers have tried their best to create a beautiful environment and a gameplay mechanic, which is at least a bit engaging, employing timed taps and swipes as its medium. Titles like Infinity Blade III, Injustice: Gods Among Us, and Mortal Kombat X come to mind.

Gameloft has announced that it is cooking its own entry into the genre, dubbed "Gods of Rome". The title's trailer shows some pretty beautiful environments and richly designed characters – especially considering it's supposed to run on mobile devices. As far as which heroes will be playable, so far we can see Zeus – god of thunder, Atlas – the mighty Titan who holds up the sky, and Spartacus – the famous slave-turned-gladiator. We are pretty sure Gameloft wouldn't launch a fighting title with just 3 characters, but the rest are yet to be revealed.

In terms of gameplay, all we can do is speculate. But from what we can see in the trailer, it looks like it will be another "tap to punch / slide for power hit" type of title. We'll have to wait and see.

Do you play round-based fighters on your mobile device, or is tapping and sliding not enough to sate your hunger for extremely punishing, timing-based combos?

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