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GameBench hits the Play Store: the first 'uncheatable" Android benchmark

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GameBench hits the Play Store: the first 'uncheatable
Leave it to a former ARM Holdings engineer to develop an "uncheatable" benchmark that lounges peacefully in the background while you are playing your favorite game, for instance, then spits out a smorgasbord of performance measurements that can't be tinkered with. Recently, it's been somewhat of a low-grade scandal with popular benchmarks like AnTuTu and the rest, which often get tricked by major phone makers to pad the scores for a specific handset.

Benchmarkgate usually exhibits in the CPU and GPU cores of the respective handsets going into overdrive when a popular benchmark app is launched, thus squeezing the maximum possible score out of the otherwise throttled chipset. GameBench will actually stay running while you play an Android game, and will continuously monitor and log performance, as well as battery drain. Devices get points for maintaining high frame rate, while penalized for unusually fast battery drain. 

The overall score is thus impossible to be cheated on, as any artificial boosting of the clock speeds (i.e. Benchmarkgate) will immediately result in a higher toll on the battery, so the final score will even the points out, and reflect the true state of your phone's chipset performance/power consumption ratio. This is closer to the real-time usage scenarios, and, best of all, GameBench is already live in the Play Store, so you can hit it up, and check your device's score for yourself.

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source: GameBench (PlayStore)

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