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Galaxy S21 passes 1M sales in South Korea

Samsung's S21 series have done remarkably well in sales in the company's motherland this year. As SamMobile notes, Samsung Electronics Co. just released the good news about its flagship series' milestone in South Korea, less than three months after their January release. 

It seems that following some well-planned changes (such as much lower launch prices, next-gen processor, better battery efficiency, refreshed UI, etc.), the S21 managed to surpass last year's S20 numbers by a good bit, hitting one million unit in sales in South Korea in just under 2 months. Last year, Samsung says, it had taken 3 months for the S20 series to reach that same mark. 

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The most popular model in the new series has proved to be the Galaxy S21, which accounted for 52% of total sales in South Korea. The S21 Ultra accounted for 27%, while the middle model made up 21% of sold phones. The vast majority of sales were made online through various Korean mobile carrier.

While Samsung's S21 line managed to oust its predecessor's sales record, the S-series has yet to beat its ultimate home country record set by the S10—which reached one million in sales in a meager 47 days back in 2019.

Samsung has set the starting price for its flagship series at 999,900 won, which is around USD $885—not insanely different from local U.S. prices (albeit 85$ higher). Back in February last year, on the other hand, the lowest S20 model sold for what is the equivalent of USD $1,095.
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