Galaxy S10 vs iPhone XS Plus vs LG V40 vs Pixel 3 XL preview: what to expect

Galaxy S10 vs iPhone XS Plus vs LG V40 vs Pixel 3 XL preview: what to expect
Galaxy S10 vs iPhone XS Plus vs Pixel 3 XL concept image by @PhoneDesigner

Summer is winding down, and the most hectic quarters in flagship phone announcements are closing in. Say what you will about 2018's notches, elongated bodies, and 6" panel averages, but in the next six months, we are about to witness the real best in design, specs and added value that the world's largest, most profitable phone makers will be able to muster.

Apple is due for the "mother of all upgrade waves" by offering its largest iPhone screen ever, and finally ditching the scrappy 4.7-inchers for good. Samsung will have a 10th anniversary of the flagship Galaxy S line with the phones to match.

Google is also expected to unleash its largest Pixel phone display ever, while LG is in the running for a penta-camera flagship in a month or so. That is why we are making a quick comparison preview of the upcoming milestone phones of these major smartphone manufacturers so that you decide which one to start saving for. For further details, check our running rumor reviews below:

Galaxy S10 vs iPhone XS Plus vs LG V40 vs Pixel 3 XL design

Glass bodies, wireless charging, water-tight certification, those will be the common design themes. If you have been waiting for some grand anniversary overhaul of the Galaxy S-line body, however, you might be in for a disappointment. The Galaxy S10 will seemingly have... wait for it... Infinity Display design. The smaller models are said to be slightly larger - 0.03" and 0.08", respectively - than their S9 and S9+ predecessors, so a tad larger panels aren't out of the question, too.

Just like there will be three 2018 iPhones, there could be three Galaxy S10 version, too, and one of those is said to land with a 6.44" display now - coincidentally, exactly as the rumored iPhone XS Plus with a 6.46" OLED screen, just without the notch. Like L the V35 before it, the V40 will hopefully have no protruding bezels, encroaching into the sacred screen panel space, but if the leaked Pixel 3 XL is inspired by the V40, all notch and chin bets are back on for LG's quarterly flagship.

Galaxy S10 vs iPhone XS Plus vs LG V40 vs Pixel 3 XL specs

The A12 processor on the 2018 iPhones may not be the first 7nm chipset announced, but it will most likely be first to make it in retail phones and is going to be a beast. The only thing that may ruin its holidays is the next-gen 7nm processing that comes from Samsung in the Galaxy S10. Here's how the fantastic four stacks up, in a digestible table specs form.

Galaxy S10 vs iPhone XS Plus vs LG V40 vs Pixel 3 XL prices and release dates

While it is too early to have any credible tips on the S10's pricing, we'd wager to guess its tags and availability based on Samsung's historical precedents, while for the 2018 iPhones there is plenty of analysts' guesstimates that will mostly turn out right in the end, as usual.

So, based on these dry specs and preliminary design concepts, which one is your favorite, and which one would you pick at its projected price range come next month, and the one after, and then early 2019? Tell us your thoughts below, and take your pick in the poll here.

Which flagship would you save for?

Samsung Galaxy S10
Apple iPhone XS Plus
LG V40 ThinQ
Google Pixel 3 XL

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