Galaxy Note 4 drop tests show that you can rely on it to survive a few drops

Galaxy Note 4 drop tests indicate that you can rely on it to survive a few drops
Samsung Tomorrow -- the electronics giant's PR arm -- has just released a new, two and a half minute-long video showcasing the Note 4's excellent ability to withstand drops from a variety of angles and heights. Units of the upcoming phablet repeatedly survived these drops without any visible damage from what we saw.

Obviously, you and us both have to keep in mind that the source is Samsung itself, and one could argue that these tests are far from independent. That said, we do have to also point out that Samsung is definitely serious about making its devices better-suited to withstand common drops, and that's visible with both the Galaxy Alpha and the Galaxy Note 4. In case you didn't know, both of these devices feature four "bumps" on the four sides of their frames, which allow them to better absorb shock from drops, thus making them better survivors. 

Of course, we'll still have to wait and see what tests from other sources return in terms of results, but we do have to say that in our time with it, the Note 4 felt like it was very well constructed.

Check out the video below.

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