GREENiSCORE optimizes your Android battery life and awards your battery-saving habits with badges


Developer: The Green Little MenDownload: Android
Category: ProductivityPrice: Free

GREENiSCORE tackles Android battery life optimization in a novel way. The bunch of settings you can tweak complete a profile that gets evaluated with a score. The higher this score is, the more battery life you win!

Using the app is simple enough. First, select "My Profiles", check the profile you want to use, and your phone gets optimized. Leave it that way, and keep watch of your battery score. If it keeps improving, it means your battery life is getting longer. If it isn't growing, this means you'll have to fire up "My Settings", take a look at what apps and processes are consuming the most power, and toggle them on and off. That's about it.

But here's one more thing. There's an engine that analyses your usage patterns, learning and improving itself over time. Although it cannot predict your battery autonomy precisely, it's able to assess it with more data than the sole system battery indicator feeds it with. GREENiSCORE is also the one, or one of very few battery apps that award you for being a good battery scout with badges!

For all its standout features, including a colorful and creative user inteface, GREENiSCORE is free and has no ads.

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