Future YouTube update for Android will bring background audio support

Future YouTube update for Android will bring background audio support
Android owners have been waiting for an update to their YouTube app, which would allow for offline viewing of some material for up to 48 hours after losing an internet signal.This would be accessed from a special part of the YouTube app. Once the internet signal is reacquired, the video can be viewed at anytime. But alas, an update to the Android version of the streaming video site on Tuesday revealed nothing along those lines.
What was found in version 5.2.27 for Google Play is that the update is a yawner. But taking apart the APK found that here will be an upcoming feature that will give support for background audio. This means that you will be able to start a video on YouTube, switch to another app, or even turn off the screen, and continue to hear the audio from the YouTube video. Unfortunately, this feature is also not part of the update to version 5.2.27.

While the offline video playback is not part of the current update, some code strings suggest that it will be part of an update coming soon. Now YouTube fans sporting an Android powered device have twice the reasons to keep looking out for the next YouTube update for Android.

source: AndroidPolice via AndroidAuthority




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Usefull :-)

2. datsyuk

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So awesome wishing they would have done this for years now!

3. Shatter

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It needs an update to watch 1080p videos on mobile. You have to use a modded YouTube app or viral to do it now.

4. datsyuk

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Btw they should give you an option to make the settings menu look like these menus do, beautiful (I said option because I know because of AMOLEDS haha)

5. eisenbricher

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MetroTube on WP already has this facility. By the way with the newer YouTube updates the app is getting 'Heavier'. I have a mid range android device which used to load YouTUbe fast but after recent updates (since they changed the layout) the app is painfully slow and consumes lot of ram.


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First they have to create a good app for WP8.

12. abhinav.sahu

Posts: 4; Member since: Oct 18, 2013

+1 for your post

13. itsdeepak4u2000

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14. xfire99

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FINALLY!! Hate when it stops, when switching to other apps/browser or turn off the screen. This is really welcome.

15. seanwhat

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i never use the youtube app for this reason, suppose im waiting for the update now.

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