From the Duh files: LG says Google Nexus 4 stock issues caused by heavy demand

From the Duh files: LG says Google Nexus 4 stock issues caused by heavy demand
It is almost impossible to snag a Google Nexus 4, as you know. Each time Google has had some inventory to sell in the U.S., it was sold out quickly. Even at T-Mobile, where the 16GB version of the stock Android smartphone is priced at $150 over Google's price, the phone is sold out. There has been a lot of buzz lately from that corner of smartphone fandom where geeks and phone junkies hang out, that is curious to know exactly how many handsets LG and Google have sold. But we will forgive the lack of numbers for now because LG needs to spend every second they have manufacturing more phones.
Basic economics would tell us that there are only two reasons for the Google Nexus 4 remaining sold out just about everywhere. Either LG has made too few phones or demand is too high. According to Andy Coughlin, LG UK’s head of the mobile division, the problem is the latter. He says that LG talked over forecasts of demand with Google prior to manufacturing the handset. Coughlin adds that the Google Nexus 4 "had proven extremely popular, and as such, retailers have been met with huge demand. We are working closely with Google to ensure that those who wish to purchase a handset are able to do so."

IHS mobile media senior principal analyst Ian Fogg says that this time of year, keeping the Google Nexus 4 out of stock and creating this buzz around the phone is helpful to Google. "All of this raises the public profile of Android," Fogg said. "All of this helps Google's strategic objectives."

Hopefully, some more supply of the Google Nexus 4 is on the way.

source: CNET, AndroidAuthority

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