Freedom Mobile to launch LTE network in Canada on November 27

Freedom Mobile to launch LTE network in Canada on November 27
Canada will have a fourth carrier that offers LTE coverage. This is Freedom Mobile, formerly known as Wind Mobile. The carrier will launch its first LTE networks in central Toronto and Vancouver on November 27. Alas, there will be only two compatible smartphones, which happen to be the LG V20 and the ZTE Grand X4. It's not known when more devices will be introduced to the network, but Freedom's expansion plans have been made clear.

Central Toronto and Vancouver will be the only two areas to support the new network at launch, but greater Toronto and Vancouver coverage will be added in spring 2017. LTE roaming in both Canada and the U.S. will be available early next year. Freedom's LTE network will reach Calgary, Edmonton, and Ottawa by summer 2017, and the rest of Freedom’s 3G areas, such as Ontario, will be in by fall 2017.

At this early stage, Freedom Mobile's coverage and device support is too limited to compete with the three major carriers in Canada. But with expansion and more devices added to the compatibility list, Canadians will get a fourth viable option to choose from.

source: Digital Trends


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