Four mystery iPad models briefly appear on Apple's website

Four mystery iPad models briefly appear on Apple's website
It’s not often that we get a close look at Apple products before official announcement, but today, leaks for future iPads have surfaced from not just one but two reputable sources.

The first of these comes via government regulation processes. According to the Eurasian Economic Commision database (via iPhone in Canada), Apple filed a listing for an iPad by the model number A2229, which, as expected, was reported to run on iPad OS 13.

The listing doesn’t reveal any important specs, but given the historical precedent, we can guess that this particular iPad model may be announced within a few months or even weeks. This fits nicely with existing rumors of a iPad Pro refresh coming in the first half of 2020.

If you need additional confirmation, how about a leak from Apple itself? Earlier today, Apple’s Chinese website briefly released a page detailing the radio and wireless capabilities of its iPads… including one with the model number A2229. Sound familiar?

The site, whose web cache you can view here, also listed three other unknown and similar models, including the A2228, A2231, and A2233. Or, in human, the 11-inch iPad Pro and 12.9-inch iPad Pro, each in Wi-Fi only and LTE-enabled variants.

This modeling number scheme makes a lot of sense given Apple’s previous lineups, which is unsurprising for information from the company itself. And, assuming that this slip-up was a genuine error from someone at Apple, we can very much expect these iPad models to make an appearance soon.

As for what they will look like, most rumors point to an overall similar design with flat sides, a glass or metal unibody, and face unlock. Some new additions include a potential triple-camera setup like the iPhone 11 Pro’s, or a ToF sensor for enhanced AR capabilities. In either case, we’ll find for sure sooner or later.

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