Fortnite runs better than ever on iPad Pro after the latest update

Fortnite runs better than ever on iPad Pro after the latest update
Fortnite is a huge phenomenon and the fact that it's available on every possible platform helped a lot. Even though you'll get a completely different experience playing Fortnite on a PC than on a mobile device, Epic Games is trying to reduce the gap between the two platforms.

One of the steps towards that was made recently via an update that allows Fortnite players to run the game at 120 fps (frames-per-second). The new option is only available on the 2018 iPad Pro, and you'll have to activate it from the settings.

There's one downside though, as the graphics will be downgraded to “medium” once you enable the 120 fps option. If you're more of a looks over smoothness person, you can let the game run at 60 or 30 fps and you'll get “high” or “epic” graphics settings.

With 120 fps, Fortnite will smoother than ever on the iPad Pro, something absolutely necessary when it involves a shooter type of game. Along with the new 120 fps option, the latest update adds improved controller support, which means that thumbsticks buttons are now compatible with iOS 13 and above. Don't forget to download the latest update from the App Store to take advantage of the new improvements.

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